Friday, December 12, 2014

New Chanukah Videos!

There are several new Chanukah songs / videos this year - Enjoy!

"Light" by Lisa Loeb -

"All About that Neis" by The Maccabeats -

"Hanukah - Dreidel Music Video" by Shir Soul -

Plus, here is an interesting article about Chanukah music -  "Why Jews Skipped Hanukkah and Wrote the most Beloved Christmas Songs"

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Navigating the War in Israel / Gaza

The last few weeks have been incredibly painful as we witness the escalation of violence in Gaza and Israel.  My heart is filled with a deep sadness about what is happening, and worry for the safety of friends, family and others I know in Israel.  My email in-box and Facebook feeds have been filled with links to articles about the conflict - some articles have been outstanding, others are not particularly helpful to me.  Instead of posting individual articles on my Facebook page or elsewhere, I thought it would be useful to share a series of articles that have helped me better understand the complexity, nuance, and pain of the matzav (situation).  There is no single article that could possibly explain 'everything' - rather, I think we have to put many different perspectives together and then sit with many truths at once.  The Rabbis taught us the value of holding multiple truths, even when they're conflicting or opposing truths - "Elu v'elu divrei Torah" - "these words AND these words are both words of Torah."  The same can be said for all the commentary on this war - it's important to be able hold multiple perspectives and multiple truths at once.  I share these articles along with my most heart-felt prayers for peace.   (The articles are in no particular order, except that I recommend starting with my friend Rabbi Josh Strom's article "Caring is not a Zero-Sum Game")

Added Wednesday Sept 3

Did We Win the War? "Everything OK?" -

I Have Two Nightmares about a Palestinian State -

Added Wednesday Aug 6

Israel in Trying Times: Unity not Uniformity -

Dear Guests: Revelations in the Gaza War - 

Added Friday Aug 1

Interview with Amos Oz -

Added Wednesday July 30

Gaza Myths and Facts -

Arab Leaders Silent, Viewing Hamas as Worse than Israel -

Added Tuesday July 29

No War is an Island: When Middle East Conflicts Become One -

Added Monday July 28

Tunnel Vision -

An Israel without Illusions: Stop the Grindstone of Israeli-Palestinian Violence -

The War in Gaza: What I Know and What I Do Not Know -

Added Thursday July 24

The Bizarre Moral Criticism against Israel -

A Letter to Friends who Want to Understand what is Happening in Gaza -

Fighting a Just War Against Hamas Justly (from 2009, but equally relevant now) -

The Israeli Army Knew Gaza was a "Ticking Bomb" Before War Broke Out -